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  • Self Rescue Resource Manual - Ada County

  • Address: 8169 Victory Road, Boise ID 83709
  • Email Address:
  • Web Address:
  • Notes: PROGRAM SERVICES: This manual is under the care of the Boise School District Social Workers. This is primarily a Treasure Valley Resource Manual. However, many of the resources have multiple sites in other counties. Several of them are listed in detail on this website. This recourse manual provides information in the following areas: (1) Clothing and Furniture, (2) Counseling and Mental Health Services, (3) Dental, (4) Education and After School Programs, (5) Employment and CaSual Labor, (6) Financial and Utility Assistance, (7) Food Pantries, (8) Friendship Feasts/Community Free Meals, (9) Crisis Hotlines, (10) Housing Assistance, (11) Legal Assistance, (12) Medical assistance, (13) Shelters/Showers, (14) SUBSTANCE Abuse Treatment, (15) support Groups, (16) Tax Resources and Questions, (17) Transportation, (18) Vision. Please e-mail updates/feedback/information to:
  • Languages: English
  • Categories/Subcategories: Additional Resources, Crisis Counseling / Assistance, Dental Care, Education/Job Training, Employment Resources, Food & Clothing, Housing / Shelter, Medical / Health Care, Mental Health, Transportation