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  • Western Idaho community Action Partnership Valley County

  • Address: 110 W Pine, Cascade ID 83611
  • Phone Number: (208) 382-4577
  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Web Address:
  • Notes: PROGRAM FEES: See Specific Service PROGRAM SERVICES: Employment Assistance - We offer assistance to customers regarding employment, Such as job preparation, placement and development (activities to assist low-income people to secure and maintain meaningful employment). This includes: information about employment and job training services; referral to employment; periodic counseling of un-employed or under-employed ex-offenders and women head of household; assistance with job hunting skills; job placement and skills training. As part of this process we are able to train those who need job experience by working in our offices. Food Banks - emergency food is available at our Community Action Centers. Eligibility is based on immediate need. A food box is made up of a variety of food to give the customer a three-day Supply, which is made up according to the number in the household. Housing - WICAP is dedicated to help families and individuals in their search for adequate housing; whether it is in the form of permanent housing, transitional housing, or emergency shelter. We can help families apply for rental assistance, help with emergency over-night housing, or help get them into temporary housing until they can find a more stable home. We can help with referrals for rentals or loan assistance for home buying. We have emergency shelter funds to help families who find themselves homeless and need a roof over their heads. This is accomplished by partnering with local motels for over-night stays. Senior Services - WICAP Senior Services is committed to providing services to the elderly and disabled by assisting with, and promoting independent living within our service area. In order to be eligible for Homemaker services, a person must be 60 years of age or a physically/mentally disabled adult. They must live within our service area; live alone, or with a spouse or family member who is disabled. Cost to the customer is on a sliding fee scale, depending upon their income. Medical expenses are deducted from the income. Income guidelines change on a yearly basis. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please contact the Coordinator at (208) 642-9086. Those who fall under the income guidelines are not expected to pay; however we do accept voluntary donations. Transportation - In some cases, we are able to provide funds for transportation for individuals to get where they need to go for services. This could include transportation to medical appointments, transportation to appointments at Health and Welfare, gas vouchers to allow individuals to get to their job, etc. Winter Energy Assistance - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded program that helps low-income families with their home energy bills during the winter months.
  • Languages: English, Translation Line.
  • Categories/Subcategories: Employment Resources, Food & Clothing, Housing / Shelter