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  • Hope Center

  • Address: 404 Hill St, Kamiah ID 83536
  • Phone Number: (208) 935-0736
  • Hours of Operation: Tuesday 1:00 pm -0 5:00 pm & Thursday 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm Call for an appointment Walk-ins are welcome.
  • Email Address:
  • Web Address:
  • Notes: * PROGRAM FEES: None * PROGRAM SERVICES: Free Pregnancy Tests Since we are not a medical facility, we do not offer medical advice. Our pregnancy tests are self-administered under the guidance of one of our lay counselors, who are trained lay people. Call either of our Centers for an appointment: Hope in Grangeville, Idaho 208-983-0093 Hope in Kamiah, Idaho 208-935-0376 During the first 24 weeks of your pregnancy, we can set you up for a free ultrasound at our sister center in Lewiston: Life Choices. We even have $20 gasoline vouchers that you can use to drive there! Call us at 208-983-0093 for more information. Free Infant and Children's Clothing When you take our free classes you earn new clothing, baby Supplies, diapers, and formula. But we also have quite a selection of gently used clothing at both of our Centers in Grangeville and in Kamiah for our clients. This includes sizes Preemie through about a 4T. Hope in Kamiah has some larger children's sizes. Each time a client comes to see us, they are invited to select at least 8 gently used free items. If you need baby equipment Such as cribs and strollers, we can give you vouchers to our local thrift stores for those. Email us for more information! We have over 100 free classes for you! They can be scheduled for you one-on-one any time our Centers are open: Hope in Grangeville, Idaho: Mon 1:00-5:00, Wed and Fri 1:00-4:00 Hope in Kamiah, Idaho: Tues 1:00-5:00 and Thurs 3:30-7:30 If you prefer, one of our staff can bring a class to your organization's meeting for your staff to enjoy. Our trained lay counselors are ready to lead you through the classes of your choice in the Subjects you would like to explore: Relationship building How to build/maintain a healthy marriage Parenting for all ages of children Pregnancy related issues 1-2-3 Magic child discipline Bible studies Life skills - like budgeting and saving for the future As you take the classes, you will earn Mommy Bucks, Daddy Bucks, coffee certificates or Mammoth Bucks (Grangeville Center only), or gasoline cards (Kamiah Center only) You can find a complete list of classes on the website. Click Services, the free classes to find the link. Then call for an appointment: Hope Grangeville 208-983-0093 Hope Kamiah 208-935-0376 After Abortion Been there? Done that? Having second thoughts about your abortion? Although all women who experience abortion do not experience problems afterwards, many women (and men) do. After an abortion, you may at first feel a sense of relief that the crisis is over, but in the years following the abortion, that sense of relief may be replaced by one or more of the following: *depression *sadness *eating disorders *anxiety *feelings of low self-esteem *drug addiction *recurring nightmares or flashbacks to the abortion experience These symptoms can be part of PAS (Post-Abortion Syndrome), which is a type of post-traumatic stress disorder. Our staff has resources to help you work your way through to the healing that your heart desires. For personal, confidential, and immediate help, call: Lorraine at 208-660-1818 or Nancy at 208-507-1253. For Men Only Do you think your girlfriend might be pregnant? After the shock, you will want to get the facts. You might be thinking: This can't be happening to us! or But we were so careful. or She was on the pill or I used a condom. Isn't that enough? Every method of birth control has its failure rate. If you are having sex. pregnancy can occur. It's a risk you take. Here are some of the things you need that we can provide free of charge to you: a self-administered pregnancy test, referral for a free ultrasound, options counseling for you (or both of you), free brochures and informational booklets, referrals to community agencies. If you think she may be pregnant, bring her in and get the facts. We are here to help! In the Grangeville area, call 208-983-0093 for an appointment. In the Kamiah area, call 208-935-0376. We also have some lessons that are just for men. They will teach you how to be the best father you can be and will help you understand how very important you are in your child's life. These lessons are for men and taught by men. You can find these on the website under For Men Only. Then call today: Director Nancy can answer your questions and set up an appointment with one of our male facilitators. 208-507-1253
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