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  • Heritage Health Centers - Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Counseling

  • Address: 1622 College Ave., Suite 2, St. Maries ID 83861
  • Phone Number: (208) 245-4363
  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday | 8:00am - 6:00pm & Friday | By Appointment Only.
  • Web Address:
  • Notes: PROGRAM FEES: Your cost of a visit at Heritage Health is designed to be affordable to increase access. Your co-pay cost will depend upon your insurance plan, and plans vary per individual. Heritage offers a sliding scale for uninsured self-pay families. Heritage Health welcomes all members of our community — Medicare, Medicaid, Privately insured and Uninsured.  We treat all age groups from pediatrics to adults and geriatrics. PROGRAM SERVICES: Restored Paths Substance Use Disorder Treatment (SUD): A Heritage Health partner, providing an opportunity to learn and make better decisions in a safe, knowledgeable, comfortable environment. We promote positive decision making patterns and empowering clients to successfully manage their lives and educating their minds, understanding their bodies, and feeding their spirit. All of our counselors are fully credentialed in the State of Idaho to provide a variety of evaluations and treatment services. Additionally, Master’s level clinicians are able to identify and treat Chemical Dependency and Mental Health issues. Our clinicians work closely with others in the community to provide a wrap-around treatment for those who need it. EVALUATIONS: - Domestic Violence. - DUI. - GAIN. -Chemical Dependency. ADULT SERVICES: - Intensive outpatient chemical dependency. -Co-occurring disorders. -Mental health treatment. -Case management. -Parenting classes. GROUP SESSIONS: -Relapse prevention. - Moral reconation therapy. - Dialectical behavioral therapy. - Healthy relationships. - Alcohol and drug education. -Aftercare. -Family support. Counseling: individual and family therapy, peer support services, parent education groups, CBRS, family support, case management and therapy and therapy groups.
  • Languages: All Languages through language line
  • Categories/Subcategories: Additional Resources/Parenting Classes, Mental Health/Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment, CBRS/PSRS, Counseling, Peer Support