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  • YWCA Grangeville Office

  • Address: 221 W. Main St, Room 21, Grangeville ID 83530
  • Phone Number: (208) 983-0888
  • Web Address:
  • Notes: PROGRAM FEES: None. PROGRAM SERVICES: YWCA of Lewiston / Clarkston is a private, non-profit social service organization that operates a comprehensive program serving Washington and Idaho residents. Located in Lewiston and Clarkston, the agency serves families in the Surrounding counties. The yucca of Lewiston - Clarkston serves women, children and men in six counties; In Idaho we cover Nez Perce, Lewis, Idaho & Clearwater Counties & in Washington, Asotin & Garield Counties. This service area covers over 15,000 square miles. Our programs serve victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other crimes along with homeless families or individuals, and those in immediate crisis. CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS. A variety of children's programs are available, including: Children's Group. More information is available on their web site. EMERGENCY SERVICES. The program consists of services to all victims of crime, including domestic violence and sexual assault; a living center and support services for homeless families a 24-hour crisis line; information and referral and emergency services. The Program operates two shelters: 1) Domestic Violence Shelter for women and children of domestic violence. 2) Homeless Center for families with children. HOMELESS PROGRAM: The YWCA's seven-unit Greenhouse Apartments were completed in 1991. They Provide: Temporary housing for families with children. support services, including food, gas, transportation and childcare. Case management for adults and children. support groups. Parenting classes. Assistance finding housing, employment and other resources. DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICES Domestic abuse is the physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, or the emotional abuse by a relative or person with whom the victim resides. We provide: Temporary shelter for physically and/or emotionally abused victims and their children. 24-hour hotline for crisis intervention, emotional support and information and referral. Individual and group counseling. support groups for women and youth. Assistance with other social service organizations, law enforcement officers, and the court system. Legal advocacy, including assistance in obtaining protection orders. Education about domestic violence dynamics. Monthly classes on legal issues and domestic violence. There is no fee for domestic violence services. SEXUAL ASSAULT SERVICES: Sexual assault refers to all types of sexual violence with or without a weapon, sexual penetration, incest or unwanted touch. Any person may be a victim of sexual assault regardless of their age or sex. We provide: 24-hour crisis intervention at hospitals, police stations, or by phoning 746-9655; temporary shelter for victims and their children; individual and group counseling for adult, teen and child victims; 24-hour hotline for emotional support and information on, and referral to, available services; personal support includes coordination with other social service agencies; medical advocacy; support group, legal advocacy with law enforcement and the court system and help applying for Crime Victims Compensation. There is no fee for sexual assault services. VICTIMS OF CRIME SERVICES: . We provide services for victims of crime: 24-hour crisis intervention; legal advocacy including help obtaining crime victim's compensation; temporary shelter for victims who cannot stay in their own home; services for Survivors of violent crime and family members of homicide victims; and other related services GENERAL EMERGENCY SERVICES: Individuals in need of assistance lacking other resources may qualify for emergency services. All services are confidential. Services include, but are not limited to: Rent Assistance; Transportation; Prescription medication; Lodging; Food; Information / Referral
  • Languages: English
  • Categories/Subcategories: Crisis Counseling / Assistance/Crisis Line, Domestic Violence Hotline, Housing / Shelter/Shelters / Safe Houses, Transitional Housing, Mental Health/Domestic Violence Services