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  • Balance Recovery LLC

  • Address: 1491 S Tyrell Ln, Suite #102, Boise ID 83706
  • Phone Number: (208) 287-3285
  • Hours of Operation: Office Hours: Call or rext for current hours
  • Email Address:
  • Web Address:
  • Notes: * PROGRAM FEES: We accept funding from BPA, IDOC, Medicaid, and Cash/Credit Card. At this time we do not bill private insurance but are able to provide you with a detailed list of services to submit for reimbursement. Balance Recovery does not believe that treatment should only be available to those with money, we examine each individual case to determine an appropriate fee schedule and payment plan. * PROGRAM SERVICES: Our treatment options involve a personalized combination of the following: Relapse Prevention group, Dual Diagnosis group, MRT group, CBI-SA group, Individual Counseling, Case Management, Substance Use Evaluations, GAIN Assessments, Anger Management, CSC, EMDR, Child Care (in some circumstances), Transportation, Drug Testing-in house.
  • Languages: English
  • Categories/Subcategories: Additional Resources/BPA SUD Provider, Case Management, Idaho Substance Use Disorder Services, Mental Health/Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment, Alcohol/Drug Testing, BPA SUD Provider, Case Management, Idaho Substance Use Disorder Services, Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, Testing and Assessment