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  • American Indian Council

  • Address: 310 Armour Blvd, Suite 205, Kansas City MO 64116
  • Phone Number: (816) 471-4898
  • Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm
  • Notes: AIC is a not-for-profit employment & training organization set aside specifically for American Indian’s who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe or who are able show linage to a direct decedent who is enrolled with a federally recognized tribe. Services: Drop Out Prevention – starting age 14, eye exam & eyeglasses assistance, school activity fees, required activity equipment assistance, minimum graduation packet fee assistance, on job training and work experience. Educational Assistance – supplemental tuition assistance, tuition assistance up to 1,000 towards tuition, textbook assistance (funding is based upon first come first serve and available funds. Requirement: participants have to apply with FAFSA for the Pell Grant and their Tribe's Higher Education Grant but can supply us with either an award or denial letter from both organizations), grade incentive for grades received C & above, eye exam & eyeglasses assistance and training equipment fee assistance. Employment Assistance – employment leads, 3 bus passes per program year for those looking for employment 2 for those working, work clothes & required qork tool assistance, eye exam & eyeglasses assistance, work experience and on the job training.
  • Languages: English
  • Eligibility: Males or Females.
  • Categories/Subcategories: Additional Resources/American Indian Services, Employment Resources/Resources for Ex-offenders